Senior Advisor

Mick McMullen

Mick McMullen has served as the CEO and President of Stillwater Mining Company since December 2013 and as an Executive Vice President of Northern Canada Retail Division at the North West Company Inc. since 2007. He has more than 20 years of experience in exploration, financing, development, and operation of mining projects working for a variety of resource companies in Australia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique and the Philippines. His expertise extends to the exploration and development of projects involving a variety of commodities, including gold, diamonds, coal, copper, and zinc.

He qualified as a Geologist at Newcastle University in 1992 and holds a B.Sc in Geology from Newcastle University.


  • 20+ years in mine exploration, financing, development, and operation
  • Holds the record for the highest EBITDA multiple of any mining M+A deal
  • Most recently CEO and Chairman of Stillwater Mining